My Story


For the past several decades, Diana L. Morrow has helped people from all walks of life to transform their lives. Whether it’s a millionaire or an average person she’s coaching, she challenges them all to ask themselves the big question, “What do I want out of life?” Diana’s philosophy in life is simply, “Everyone is created with greatness. Everyone shows up with unique gifts and talents to bless the world with.” Her coaching style is designed to take you from a state of confusion to total clarity and a sense of purpose. 

The Building Blocks of Adversity

At the early age of 15, Diana found herself a teenage parent confused, disoriented and with no sense of direction. According to many statistics, she was destined to either be on welfare or live a life of meager existence. Most people in her surroundings gave up on her. But she refused to give up and settle for their predictions. She was relentless. Diana felt there was a better way. However, she kept finding herself in situations she didn’t want to be. Eventually, circumstances pushed her into an abusive marriage. Out of frustration and desperation, young Diana set out to change her life. She mustered the courage to step out and walk away from her abusive relationship. Through journaling and self-coaching she mapped out a plan to get out of the mess she was in.

Shortly after, Diana landed a job with 3M National Advertising as an Administrative Supervisor. There, she slowly began to climb the ladder of success. But, it wasn’t easy. After several rejections for a sales position, Diana was determined to prove that women are more than capable of rising to the top in any field. She began a quest to master the art of selling. She read countless books and sought out mentoring from the best in the company. Eventually, she proved she was worthy enough to get the sales position she wanted so badly. Diana took no prisoners. She went on to become one of the top performers in her company. Her selling career soared and baffled many. Her successes along the way inspired many to tap into their greatness. Diana later became an entrepreneur. Today, Diana is coaching and training people from all walks of life to break the glass ceiling and soar to new heights. It has earned her the title of The Greatness Coach.

Leading Others

Diana’s first love is pursuing the perfect will of God for her life. In that regard, she has been ordained a minister of the gospel through In Christ New Hope Ministry, Inc. Her extensive understanding of Scripture, prayer, and fasting has opened many doors allowing her to help others discover their purpose and step into their God-Given Destiny! Diana's intensive coaching program enables her clients to travel to places in their lives they have never been before. It helps them connect at a deeper level and be in touch with who they are.

Diana lives in the Rochester NY area with her husband, Vern.  Together, they are the proud parents of nine adult children and, as energetic empty-nesters, they greatly enjoy nurturing their many grandchildren.