Greatness Workshop

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Greatness Vision Board Workshop
Half-Day Session 

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In this half-day workshop, you will be taught practical application on what it takes to create and then bring your Vision Board to a state of reality. Diana has been lauded as an expert when it comes to creating goals and seeing the manifestation of those goals through the use of Vision Boards. She says that there is "no magic wand, but there is a defined process" that, if you fully engage, apply the principles, and follow through, then you can expect to see the same results.

Diana will share powerful testimonies on how she received the Godly husband of her dreams, an extraordinary career in Learning and Development for which she wasn’t originally qualified, becoming a successful entrepreneur--and list goes on and on.

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In this workshop you can expect the following:

  • Learn the purpose and power of a Vision Board
  • Identify the biblical principles that should be applied
  • Associate the correct affirmations to your specific desires
  • Learn how to check in with your future self
  • Learn how to create your story and stick with it until you see what you say
*You may also request a more in-depth, full-day workshop*