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Book photoIn this book it is my mission to expose the lies, doubts, unbelief, fear, tormenting thoughts, low-self esteem, inadequacies, deception, embarrassments, disappointments, mistakes and the "can’t do it" self talk I learned first hand. I boldly declare it is time to bring to the forefront who you really are and what truly lives on the inside of you. Your greatness was created in the image and after the likeness of Almighty God! Therefore, it trump’s everything you are and everything you think you are not!

The Urban Dictionary definition of greatness is: “greatness is an acquisition of status by the people who have contributed to an organization, group, or purpose that is greater than themselves. It is defined by the deeds of people that make this world a better place. To provide a purpose to those who have no purpose, and to sustain it, mitigate it from damage, and praise it in” …

I love that definition because when I think about greatness, it’s the potential that is the core of who you are and it’s always trying to come forth. It’s the beacon of light that is alive within you and it either shines brightly or very dim. The good news is that it never goes out! It is the basis for all of your dreams fulfilled and those that are yet to come to pass.

The very essence of your being. Greatness is the voice that is always screaming let me out and whether it is released depends largely on what we have come to believe about ourselves and if we think we’re worthy of the greatness. Greatness says that it has nothing to do about you but everything to do with who you were placed on this earth to help. You will soon see that when all you desire is to help someone else, everything you’ll ever want in life will chase you down.

“The greatness two moments in a person’s life is the moment they were born and the moment they walk in their greatness!”

photo journalI encourage you to buy your copy of the book and its companion journal and start reading today. Don't waste another day not knowing how much Greatness Lives Within You and what you are meant to do with it to live a prosperous, fully-healthy life that helps foster a better world!

To your greatness,


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